Mastering Organic Sculpting In 3D (Level 1)

This is the synthesis of my 15+ of experience as a digital sculptor and an artist. Being an observer and having somewhat of an obsessive personality, the strive for perfection in my work has always been a force. What You'll get is the result of this obsession and countless of hours spent sculpting, reading, listening, observing and thinking. If I was to go back to early 2000s when I was starting on this tremendously satisfying journey, and I was to pick a resource that would allow to skip years of research, slamming into walls, feelings of dissatisfaction from my own creations, I would've certainly picked this tutorial. 

In all seriousness though, this is as far as I could push the medium and myself at this point. Perhaps the next tutorial will take me another 15 years to make, but for the time being, if You decide to buy this richly packed volume of my efforts, I hope You will be as satisfied with the results as I am when I look at all these years being a digital sculptor.

Fundamental (Level 1):

  • 15 training videos on different topics related to organic sculpting; 3 hours of content that include commentary, discussions, examples and references, tools and techniques

Target audience: for anyone who wants to improve their organic sculpting skills

Release Notes

I've added 30% Discount Coupons for Level 2 and 3. The files are inside this package. Use the Coupons during the checkout when buying corresponded Levels.

Standard Use License
License: Standard License
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For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

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Files (17)
01. The Power Of Dam Standard Brush
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620 MB
02. Making Better Forms By Using Technques From 2D
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840 MB
03. There Is More To The Shapes Than Meets The Eye
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1.3 GB
04. ZRemesher For Cleaning Things Up
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390 MB
05. Seeing And Making Order
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940 MB
06. Developing Our Line Work
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380 MB
07. A Simple Technique To Improve Organic Surfaces
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720 MB
08. The Devil Is In The Details
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940 MB
09. What Makes It Look Organic (Question Mark)
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3 GB
10. Sculpting Water And Seeing Things Differently
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850 MB
11. It's Not A Style, It's Perfection
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1.6 GB
12. Connecting With The Shapes And The Silhuette
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220 MB
13. Order And Beauty
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540 MB
14. The Most Important Trait
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400 MB
15. The Ultimate Clothing Reference Resource
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